Alcohol Beverage Permit System

Units can procure and provide their own alcohol beverages if they obtain an Alcohol Beverage Service Permit. The event must be less than two hours in length and be attended by no more than 150 people. Individuals interested in hosting larger and/or longer events should contact an on-campus or off-campus caterer for arrangements.

A responsible employee who has completed the required campus training must sign the permit, be present at the event, and be responsible for the alcohol service, in compliance with the requirements listed below. The permit must be approved by both an authorized University official, in most cases the area Dean or Director, and by the facility. Student organizations are not permitted to obtain an alcohol beverage service permit.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete Responsible Employee Training (required to apply for a permit, NetID required)

    Important: You must wait a minimum of one week after completion of Responsible Employee Training to apply for an Alcohol Service Beverage Permit. You will not be able to access or complete the Alcohol Permit Application until your course grade is processed. Grades are generally processed weekly, Thursday or Friday, during business hours only.

  2. Complete the online Alcohol Beverage Service Permit Application (NetID required)

Additional information